What is the SHAREIt Application? This is how it works. When transferring data from different devices becomes a necessity, application assistance on an Android HP device is the easiest solution. Besides being more practical, you also don’t need to bother dealing with cables to connect it to a PC.

One of the applications in the Play Store is SHAREit, which you can use to transfer various files. Want to know more about what is the SHAREit application? Come on, check directly below.

If you want to transfer files from Android to PC without having to bother dealing with cables, especially with the cloud that can use up your quota, the SHAREit application can be the solution. This application itself is useful for sending files in the form of music, videos, photos, files, even though the application.

SHAREit itself utilizes a WiFi connection to send files from one device to another without the need for an internet connection at all. Or, you can also use a hotspot on your cell phone as a media transfer file without cutting your HP quota. In addition, from HP to PC, SHAREit can also transfer files between smartphone platforms, such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Everything is easy, just one click away.

SHAREit Free Download: